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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

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Our History

As an aspiring Radio DJ, Alex got his start in the DJ Business while studying Communications and Media Arts back in 2008. 

Starting with a reputable local company, he learned the ropes until he was able to achieve the recognition as stand alone act and never looked back. He created "Hey Mr-DJ" in 2012 and has been the host to hundred's of events from weddings', school dances, corporate engagements, and everything in-between. He made the decision to operate his own name in 2019 to create a more personal experience between entertainer and client. It's all about building relationships, after all. 

Our Philosophy

Our slogan is "When Music Matters". It's a very simple approach but something that so many people fail to get right. They are more concerned with 'the show' and forget the purpose. 

From guitar lessons as a young teenager and belonging to a family that spans the musical spectrum from Sinatra to Metallica, the love we have for music runs deep. Knowing what to play and when to play it is CRITICAL to the success of your event. Being able to understand your vision and forge it into reality is not our mission, it's our passion. 

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